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Saint Amaro | History
Saint Amaro | History

Saint Amaro | History

The important Saint Amaro’s path began at his 12 years old when he leaves Rome, by the will of his parents, to the Monte Cassino.

Born in Rome in the sixth century, on 15 January, the aka Mauro, was the son of the Roman senator Eutichio.

Already in the care of St. Benedict, founder of the Benedictine Order, everyone recognized numerous qualities on him and soon he became the right arm of his master.

Is considered by many as an example to follow and St. Benedict gives him the responsibility to work in the Young School of Monte Cassino Monastery.

One day St. Benedict had the vision that Plácido, Santo Amaro’s colleague if he was drowning and in an instant, with God’s grace, he walks on water without sinking and collects his religious brother. All this happened without he realizing that he had left the land.

Legitimate successor of St. Benedict, was responsible for spreading the Order of the faith of the Benedictines in France, known as Gaul at the time. Even today we can see the Liz flowers on his shield symbolizing the introduction of this order in this country.

Usually his image is the representation of Saint Amaro with a book in hand (the Rule of St. Benedict or statutes of the order) and dressed in habit and hood.

Patron of rail, was a chaste man, humble, charitable and very devoted to the Order Statutes. He is invoked to cure diseases like rheumatism, headaches, paralysis and flus

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