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How to get to Fátima
How to get to Fátima

How to get to Fátima

Fatima is a religious tourism destination like few others, with thousands of visitors every month, mostly people looking for a place to test and explore their faith, but also a lot of entrepreneurs came to cities  like Leiria and Santarém in business, and the quality factor / price is decisive in this choice.

This area is full of potential for tourists who like to visit natural landscapes like the Aire and Candeeiros mountains, with all its footpaths, natural caves and dizzying natural beauties and for those who are lovers of mountain biking, at 2 km from Fátima there is a Bicycle Center with excellent conditions which is the starting point for nearly 200 km of routes on land.

Which means of transportation are there available?

Get to Fátima in fact is not a problem. There are multiple ways to move to the city of seers, either on private car or with public transportation. It’s on the second option we will concentrate on.

  • BUS

For sure, this is the best solution for those who do not have their own transportation and you can even buy the ticket comfortably at your home, print and embark on.

To view more information and purchase your ticket just visit the website of the Portuguese Express Bus Network More Information

You arrive right in the center of Fátima, just a few meters from the sanctuary. Hotel Santo Amaro is a 15-minute walk from the bus station. On the map can view the route, so you can have a better idea.

  • Train

The train is not a good alternative if what you want is a direct trip to the city center. It is 23 kilometers from the sanctuary, which immediately cancels the possibility to go to your hotel, if applicable, on foot. If you want to take a Cab to your hotel, you must take into account that the budget for travel will rise considerably.

So you can get a sense of the distances, here we put the map from the bus station to the Hotel Santo Amaro.

These are the best and cheaper options to go to Fátima. We suggest the bus, because the station is in the city center, close to the sanctuary and have more diverse schedules.

The train is an option, but will always have to rely on the taxi expense to the city center, because the distance is quite large.

We hope this information is useful and that make us a visit soon.

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