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Jubilee New Year’s Eve – Hotel Santo Amaro

New Year’s Eve Hotel Santo Amaro One year ends, another begins. To end a year of intense work and welcome a new one, the year of 2017 that is supposed to stay in the history of Fátima due to the celebrations of the Centenary of our Lady Apparitions, Hotel Santo Amaro has a very special invitation to do to you! It’s our first New Year event in our Hotel and our intention is to provide an intense experience, linked to spirituality, individual introspection and the celebration of faith and peace as the main theme. Normally in New Year’s Eve we are invited to many places and varied programs are presented to us. The Hotel Santo Amaro in Fatima has a slightly different invitation than the usual ones. Jubilee New Year’s Eve Local – City of Peace (Fatima), in a quiet area that connects us with the supernatural. Program for December 31st 14h00m – Check-in time at Hotel Santo Amaro (All Hotel services / facilities will be working and at the service of our Guest) 19h30 – New Year’s Eve Dinner (Dinner to be held in our Restaurant) 21h30m – Time to start preparing the departure for Fátima Sanctuary.   SANCTUARY OF FÁTIMA […]

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One day in Fátima | Advantages of staying there!

One day in Fátima Spend a day in Fatima a city that is a prime tourist destination in Portugal. The quality of its hotels and gastronomic offer, combined with a very competitive price, makes Fatima a perfect option for those wishing to visit the downtown area for leisure or business. The city itself, contrary to what can be assumed in a first thought is not just religion. It has had a huge urban growth, there is still a reflection of its geographical location, accessibility, friendliness of its people and very calm. A perfect destination for everyone! Choosing Fatima as anchor point throughout the planning of a vacation is a very well thought out strategy because, in addition to the above, is the starting point for many attractions that surround this village. From the most simple, but absolutely stunning, hiking, through its implicit religious dimension, to the historic part, cultural, beach and landscape that all Central and West region offer. Advantages If the objective is to know the central region and west of Portugal, Fatima is one of the best options available. Very good price / quality hotels and restaurants. Easy to park. (Many hotels have their own parking) central geographical […]

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Shop for Sacred Art and Religious Art in Fatima

Shop for Sacred Art and Religious Art in Fatima Sacred art, although we think that is a synonym for religious art it consists of all religious objects that are intended for liturgy or to promote the liturgical life among the faithful. In general all who wish to develop their faith to practice the priesthood. Religious art is a collection of artistic works that are not intended for liturgical worship of the Catholic religion, while showing the Christian faith of its creator and have a connotation linked to religion. There are many places where you can find this type of objects, both sacred art, as religious, but it is at Fatima that is the pinnacle in this aspect in Portugal. Just perform a walk around the core of the Shrine of Fatima and you will see it.   Santo Amaro Hotel offers on its premises, a religious goods store with a huge supply of religious objects and sacred art. In this space are available to guests and the general public a wide range of rosaries, images and statues of Our Lady of Fatima, images and statues of various saints and many other regional artisan. If we make us a visit, as […]

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Roman Ruins of Conímbriga

Roman Ruins Conimbriga This is one of the largest complex of ruins of Roman settlements in Portugal, located in the town of Condeixa-a-Velha, Coimbra. Its earliest occupation dates back to the Celtic origin of the tribe of Lusitanos. In more recent excavations, 1913 traces were found from the Iron Age. Occupied by the Romans by Decimus Junius Brutus Callaicus, Conímbriga lies in what was the route that united Olisipo (Lisbon) to Bracara Augusta (Braga), and in the reign of Caesar Augustus was the subject of important works, including the forum and public baths. (139 B.C.) Barbarian invasions In 464, the Swabians invaded the city as a result of the Barbarian invasions of the Iberian Peninsula. Later, as following the victory of the Visigoths on the Swabians, the city ceased to be an Episcopalian core, passing this status to Aeminium (Coimbra).As pessoas que permaneceram neste local foram os fundadores de Condeixa-a-Velha. Roman Ruins Conimbriga! It’s worth visiting? This place is definitely a reference point for those who enjoy historical / cultural tourism, and the best place in Portugal to imagine how it would live like a Roman.  Regarding to the centuries of existence, its state of preservation is remarkable. Visit this site […]

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How to get to Fátima

How to get to Fátima Fatima is a religious tourism destination like few others, with thousands of visitors every month, mostly people looking for a place to test and explore their faith, but also a lot of entrepreneurs came to cities  like Leiria and Santarém in business, and the quality factor / price is decisive in this choice. This area is full of potential for tourists who like to visit natural landscapes like the Aire and Candeeiros mountains, with all its footpaths, natural caves and dizzying natural beauties and for those who are lovers of mountain biking, at 2 km from Fátima there is a Bicycle Center with excellent conditions which is the starting point for nearly 200 km of routes on land. Which means of transportation are there available? Get to Fátima in fact is not a problem. There are multiple ways to move to the city of seers, either on private car or with public transportation. It’s on the second option we will concentrate on. BUS For sure, this is the best solution for those who do not have their own transportation and you can even buy the ticket comfortably at your home, print and embark on. To view more information and purchase your ticket just […]

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“Porto de Mós” Castle

“Porto de Mós” Castle Classified as a National Monument since 1910, the “Porto de Mós” Castle was built initially to demonstrate the power of the Arabic people that dominated the region for many years before the Portuguese reconquer, it is an important milestone in the history of the region of Leiria. A little bit of its history Built on the ruins of a Roman lookout post, he has a very special form of architecture that results from an accumulation of military, Gothic and Renaissance influences over the centuries. This fortification, based on a pentagonal structure, was conquered by D. Afonso Henriques to the Moors in 1148, assisted by D. Fuas Roupinho. Following this event, this stronghold was given to what would become the first mayor of “Porto de Mós” Vila, D. Fuas Roupinho. In 1305, “Porto de Mós” was granted village by the hand of King “Dinis”. The monarch, later in time offered this castle to his wife, the Queen “Santa Isabel”. Eighty years later, the fortification had, once again, a decisive role in one of the most important and decisive battles for independence of Portugal face the Spanish, the battle of “Aljubarrota”. It was under this Castle that “Dom […]

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Hotel Santo Amaro’s 49th anniversary

Hotel Santo Amaro’s 49th anniversary Many years have passed since the first day the doors of the Hotel Santo Amaro opened. The path to this day has been an adventure, with some obstacles, full of great achievements and a lot of learning. Yesterday was August 23, when we celebrated Hotel Santo Amaro’s 49th anniversary , celebrating a Mass on the place where one of the founders of the hotel was born , José António dos Santos. And now you might ask … Why did we choose this date? Because it is a very special day, was the day that the founders of the Hotel Santo Amaro, Odete Marto and José António dos Santos, joined in the sacrament of marriage and was also here that, after 50 years, in 2009, celebrated the Golden wedding anniversary. Open since 1967, at the time known as Casa Santo Amaro, it has undergone a remarkable evolution, and this growth reflects not only the notorious improvement and modernization of its building as the closeness that was created with the guests. There as this connection was getting stronger, we decided to create the slogan “Your Home, From Home” which in our view reflects the affection we have […]

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