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What to visit Fatima Portugal




If you seek what to visit Fatima Portugal has in its proximity, in about 2 km, caves of outstanding natural beauty. The caves of “Mira de Aire”, the caves of “Moeda” and the caves of “Santo António” and “Alvados”.

Believe me it is worth walking through the halls and around the stalactites, stalagmites and columns that was formed century after century, making the place worthy of a paint.


Eco Parque Sensorial da Pia do Urso”


About 10 km from Fatima, the Sensory Park “Pia do Urso” offers the blind the possibility to discover new sensations. It is a magical place for a family outing with friends or two in a relaxing, picturesque sightseeing.

This village was rebuilt following the ancient original design of the properties, which gives it a rustic appearance and a unique beauty.


“Mosteiro da Batalha” 


In about 15 km from Fátima, it is really fast to get there to contemplate all the grandeur of the Monastery of “Santa Maria da Vitoria”.
True masterpiece of Gothic and Manueline, it is one of the “7 wonders of Portugal”, a well deserved title, both for its historical importance, as for its clear architectural beauty.


Other Places to Visit


  • Castelo de Ourém - Ourém - Apróx. 12km
  • Convento de Cristo - Tomar - Aprox. 30km
  • Mosteiro de Alcobaça - Alcobaça - Aprox. 46km
  • Castelo de Leiria - Leiria - Aprox. 30 km
  • Castelo de Almourol - Vila Nova da Barquinha - Aprox 41km
  • Castelo de Pombal - Pombal - Aprox. 50km
  • Albufeira de Castelo de Bode - Castelo de Bode - Aprox. 57km