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Hotels in Fátima Portugal, the Hotel Santo Amaro it’s located in about 450 meters from Fátima’s Sanctuary. It  proudly sustains 3 stars earned through hard work. By visiting our hotel you can always count with a team of professionals that for sure will work hardly to achieve your fully satisfaction. The Hotel Santo Amaro in Fátima Portugal, today has 147 Rooms, 2 Restaurants, 2 Conference Rooms, 3 Chapels and 2 Souvenirs Shops.

This Hotel in Fátima Portugal  located in the center of Fátima, had its origin back in the years of 60. Its founders, José António dos Santos Silva, shoe maker from profession and Maria Odete Marto Santos, after the weeding came to live to the their house earned by inheritance in Cova da Iria, Fátima.

Being from humble origins, but with a good sense of opportunity, they soon realize that the place where the Holy Virgin Mary has appeared was starting to attract the interest of people. So they decided to join themselves to this current of faith and started to accommodate and help these persons.

They started by opening a small coffee-shop in which they putted the name of “Santo Amaro’s Coffee-shop”, in tribute to the name of the town from where the owner was born, next to Ourém Castle, in Ourém.

Next to the coffee-shop they also built a small store, above it 12 rooms and 4 apartments. In the apartments there was living 3 families and in the last apartment José and Odete with their 4 children’s.

The fiftieth anniversary of the appearance of the Holy Mary, in 1967, was memorable to all the family. That was the year in which their last child Margarida was born, and they finally opened the House of Santo Amaro, then giving rise to what have proudly called “Hotel Santo Amaro”! For Hotels in Fátima Portugal we certainly the best choice!