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Christmas Dinner for companies
jantar de natal empresas
Christmas Dinner for companies

Company Chistmas Party | Hotel Santo Amaro | Fátima

Where will it be?

“Company Christmas Party” is a topic that every year causes concern to company managers. The main questions are and what to do and where to do it. We will present you some arguments for at least one of the decisions becomes easier.

We all know that a Company Christmas party is a moment of conviviality between employees, motivating and strengthening relationships in interpersonal context. But we also know that if the food is not good or the service is poor the party will be ruined.

To prevent this from happening, Hotel Santo Amaro has a modern space that meets a set of special features that will make the Christmas dinner of your company an unforgettable event with the quality it deserves.

Equipped with two restaurants with combined capacity for over 250 people. It will not lack space to taste our regional Portuguese food, prepared by Chef Julia Maria Santos, with particular focus on our Duck with Orange, the delicious “Bacalhau à Lagareiro c/ crosta de Broa” and the no less appetizing Monkfish Rice.



Our restaurants!

Dom José Restaurant

Restaurant with large capacity, which can hold up to 200 people. It is our most used restaurant for big events and a local meal of our guests.

Jantares Natal Leiria, Jantares Natal Fátima, Jantar Natal Empresas

Primavera Restaurant

It is a space with up to 80 people. It is usually used for smaller groups, specific requests or when the capacity of the Don Jose restaurant is full.

montagem2Company Christmas Party. The best place for it!

We have a very well specialized team, well trained and habituated to serve all kinds of groups. We are highly professional and we will do everything so that your event runs as well as possible, reaching all your preferences!

We adapt ourselves to what you want for your party!

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