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Hotel Santo Amaro’s 49th anniversary
aniversário do hotel santo amaro
Hotel Santo Amaro’s 49th anniversary

Hotel Santo Amaro’s 49th anniversary

Many years have passed since the first day the doors of the Hotel Santo Amaro opened. The path to this day has been an adventure, with some obstacles, full of great achievements and a lot of learning.

Yesterday was August 23, when we celebrated Hotel Santo Amaro’s 49th anniversary , celebrating a Mass on the place where one of the founders of the hotel was born , José António dos Santos.

And now you might ask … Why did we choose this date?

Because it is a very special day, was the day that the founders of the Hotel Santo Amaro, Odete Marto and José António dos Santos, joined in the sacrament of marriage and was also here that, after 50 years, in 2009, celebrated the Golden wedding anniversary.

Open since 1967, at the time known as Casa Santo Amaro, it has undergone a remarkable evolution, and this growth reflects not only the notorious improvement and modernization of its building as the closeness that was created with the guests.

There as this connection was getting stronger, we decided to create the slogan “Your Home, From Home” which in our view reflects the affection we have for all the people who visit us every year.

We want to thank all our staff, for the years of dedication they have given to the Hotel Santo Amaro, making it the house it is today and tracing the path of sustainability that will make us grow year after year.

Thank you very much and see you soon!

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